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We are happy to announce a scheduled date for our 4th ever event – TOLPIN #4!!!

Date/Time: Saturday November 19th, 2022 2:00 PM (Doors open at noon for practice).

Cost: $25 (IFPA fee, trophies, food, snacks, beverages) Any remaining funds will be thrown into a prize pool

Payout: Top 8 (30%, 20%, 15%, 15%, 7.5%, 7.5%, 5%) of prize pool.

15 Holes of PINGOLF!
Players will be put into groups of 12 (or an as even as possible), and will be drawn up to 3 partners within that group to travel the entire course. Each hole will have a score goal to achieve within 3 balls. If the score is not achieved within three balls, a scoring chart will be used to determine the number of strokes to assign the player up to 10 strokes. Lowest 4 players by lowest stroke count will advance to the finals. The goal is to get exactly 48 players so that no group has an advance by having slightly less than 12 players in the group, but may not be possible.

16 player PAPA style final (3 games each final round). Top seed picks game or position. Can only pick game once. PAPA scoring.

Line Up (Subject to change):
American – Hot Wheels
Stern – Godzilla (LE)
Stern – Munsters (LE)
Stern – DeadPool (LE)
Stern – Guardians of the Galaxy (LE)
Stern – Aerosmith (LE)
Stern – Avengers Infinity Quest (Premium)
Stern – Iron Maiden (Premium)
Stern – Metallica (Premium)
Stern – ACDC (Premium/Vault)
Stern – Ghostbusters (Premium)
Stern – Beatles (Gold)
Spooky – Total Nuclear Annihilation
JJP – Guns n’ Roses
JJP – Willy Wonka